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A vacation should be rewarding in and of itself ,so we created something special for you!


Water Sports
In all organized beaches you can enjoy your favorite water sports, such as water skiing, jet skiing, sea rolls, parachute and windsurfing.


Diving in Skiathos
The Dolphin Diving Center is located on the beach Tzaneria “Nostos”. Those who have the necessary qualification will have the opportunity to explore the magnificent depths of the island. Tel. No: +(30)24270 22520 Mobile No.: +(30)6944999181

The Skiathos Diving Center is located on the main port of Skiathos. Those who have the necessary qualification will have the opportunity to explore the magnificent depths of the island.  Mobile No.: +(30)6977081444

Skiathos Tennis Club
In the center of the town you will find Skiathos Tennis Club, with five modern courts, mini soccer field and a swimming pool. Tel.: +(30)2427024054


The Skiathos Riding Center is located in Koukounaries, featuring modern equipment, where you can take lessons in the riding school and enjoy special moments, riding in the beautiful trails of the island.  Tel.:  +(30)2427049548


Hiking in Skiathos
The beautiful and green island of Skiathos constitutes a challenge and an ideal destination for hikers, since it offers a choice between 25 marked hiking trails with a total length of 197 km, in a route where they will enjoy the unspoiled nature. They have the opportunity to hike in routes with different levels of difficulty from 1 to 6 hours, on trails with flowers blooming and the fragrant of herbs, as well as on green island landscapes, to get to places with magnificent views, in historical sites and monuments, but also to relax and enjoy nature!
If they manage to complete 12 hikes they will receive a gift and a commendation from the Municipality of Skiathos!
If they complete all 25 hikes, they will receive from the Municipality of Skiathos, the bronze “Metal of Hikers Alexander Papadiamantis” on their departure, which constitutes a trophy of their accomplishment!
In order to confirm the implementation of the hikes they are called to write the codes indicated on the signs they encounter during their journeys.

For those interested in participating in group hikes experienced guides are available. You will find them at +(30) 6972 705 416, email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
Furthermore, you can participate in a photo safari by jeep in order to capture with your camera the beauty of the landscapes of the island. Reservations are required.
The ideal months for hiking are: April, May, September and October.

Mountain Bike
There are parallel paths for mountain biking as well.